The Big Brother Debate

So, yesterday as I was unpacking my cases and pottering around the apartment ‘sorting things’, I popped some brain numbing tv on catch up as some background noise. After I had watched the festive bake off, I stumbled across Celebrity Big Brother. I have always had a secret love (not so secret now) for Big Brother, so I was pretty happy to see it there.

This season, in case you haven’t seen it, features only women for the first few days, as this year it is 100 years since women got the vote. Now, we could sit here and debate how women got the vote for things like Big Brother to exist 100 years later, but this is a lighthearted blog and not for now. So, I put it on and carried on with my chores.

The women were getting to know each other in this episode and playing a game of ‘I never would …’, which involves the women reading out statements and discussing if they would or wouldn’t and then debating their reasons. One statement was ‘I never would go out without makeup’ … attention caught.

Let me précis this with telling you that I have and do go out sometimes with no makeup on. However, it is unusual for me to have literally nothing on my face. I’ll happily go to the supermarket and gym with just my moisturizer and eye cream on. I’ve gone to work with just foundation, concealer and a bit of bronzer. So I’m not sitting here saying ‘makeup is everything’, but I was interested to sit and watch women of a mix of ages talking about why they wear makeup and what it means to them.

One of the women said that she didn’t think that makeup is important, another said they don’t leave the house without it. Then, the clanger was dropped. One of the housemates (Rachel, Borris Johnson’s sister) said that she didn’t think women over a certain age should bother with makeup as it often looks worse on the face than their natural face. Amanda Barry who is 82 disagreed and said she will always wear makeup and enjoys putting her face on each day.

An interesting discussion ensued and it got me thinking about the women in my life and their take on makeup. My Mum is 68 and loves her makeup. She is actually in the camp of never leaving the house without makeup. Saying that women shouldn’t wear makeup over a certain age is conflicting for me. On one hand, was the housemate saying that women only wear makeup for others and not for herself? As why else would we go through the ‘ritual’ of putting on a face for not much return. Or is she saying that society dictates women should wear makeup and that you aren’t fully dressed without it? Or is she saying that women can’t simply enjoy makeup and creating looks? I am over 35 and the daughter of a mother that loves makeup and the granddaughter of a woman that always kept her face made up and had her hair blow dried weekly. I’ve never questioned that women ‘of a certain age’ shouldn’t wear makeup. It’s a choice and is subjective in the sense that what one person thinks looks good, another might hate it.

Granted, my makeup choices have evolved as I’ve got older. I’m still partial to a bit of sparkle though and just because I’m not 20 something, doesn’t mean I’ll ever not want to sparkle. I love a good contour kit and I keep up to date and purchase makeup recommended by my favourite beauty influencers and beauty magazines. I’ve never thought to myself, ‘one day I won’t be able to wear this’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing all the looks I see on YouTube. There are limits. However, I do appreciate artistry and love the idea of being able to create a suitable version for me. I see makeup as art. I see makeup artists as artists and I love being in their gallery, admiring their creations.

All things said, women have the right to choose. Just like the right to vote that was awarded us (well, if you were a householder over the age of 30 – I bet not many people know that fact), some people will always wear makeup, some won’t, some won’t care either way. At the end of the day, it’s our choice and whatever your choice, embrace it and enjoy your day!

One thought on “The Big Brother Debate

  1. Exactly! That’s the beauty of humanity, we all have different opinions. Some people adore make-up, some indifferent, some don’t like it, each to their own…my mum still loves make-up whereas I only bought my first foundation last year and only use it for filming…long as everyone is happy, that’s all that matters 🙂

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