My friends think I have a problem … SOS, I’m a Sephora addict.

Moving to Dubai nearly 6 years ago was an exciting yet daunting opportunity. I made the usual declaration to my friends and family that I have come to hear over and over again as the newbies arrive – “I’m only going for two years’, and for some it’s true. For others, like me, still here!

Dubai is a wonderful place to live, rich in culture and a true melting pot of ethnicities and faiths. I enjoy the sunshine and the outdoor lifestyle obviously (and the occasional *cough*, brunch). But one thing that I have totally embraced, be it shallow or not, is my love for makeup since being here. I think this may correlate with my advancing age, and one of my friends will definitely tell you that this is fact! So where does one go for makeup in Dubai? It took me a little while to work out, but the answer is Sephora.

Now I’m not fussy about which Sephora I use, I will happily browse the busy Dubai Mall store or the less frequented Mall of Emirates. I occasionally visit the Marina Mall branch, but all in all, that little black and white bag is what I covet, and I might have to agree as I rack up those points towards the gold membership, I am an addict.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not at the stage that anyone needs to sit me down and ask me if I need some help. It’s a healthy addiction. I carefully review items on YouTube, in magazines and on social media first before I purchase. I enjoy the time I spend navigating the little stands in the shop and carefully picking out what I want to buy. I don’t like to be hurried or hassled. I block my time for browsing and I don’t deviate from what I have in mind. Some people say that going to a supermarket hungry is the worse thing you can do as you’ll come out with all sorts of stuff you don’t really want. It’s the same for Sephora. I see so many people go blinking into the really bright lights of a store and are pounced on immediately. Leaving again 40 minutes later laden down with a Becca highlighter and a Gimme Brows kit that they’ll forget how to use as soon as they get home.

I know that you can shop online and the black and white box will be delivered to your door, but it’s just not the same. Clothes I will happily buy online, but my makeup? Not so much. I love going to the shop and swatching my little heart out. So my top 6 tips for shopping the wonderful world of Sephora are as follows (it was meant to be 5, but I couldn’t cut it down):

  1. Do your research first. Go to the store with a look in mind or having seen products online/in a magazine – make a shopping list!
  2. If you are wanting a new look completely, or to revamp your makeup drawer, book an appointment with one of the Sephora makeup artists. They will spend time with you then and help you
  3. Go for store opening! Sephora after midday is probably what hell looks like for some husbands! Getting there for opening means calm and quiet and space to move around freely
  4. Pick up a basket! Seems simple, but what I like to do is drop anything in it that I’m not sure about and then before I get to the till, I examine everything. Taking out the things I really went in ‘hungry’ for
  5. Get a Sephora card. The white cards are at the till (free). Every purchase gets points, and as loyalty cards go, it’s pretty good. Points add up, and every time you hit 200 points you’ll get a free gift. The gifts are good. Some of my favourite makeup brands have been discovered through the free gifts
  6. Ask for freebies! They have so many behind the till and will give you them. This is an unknown fact about Sephora.

That’s my moderate addiction tackled. I think my friends will be pleased I’ve said it out loud. They say they first step to a cure is to say it out loud. Only thing is, I don’t want to be cured!

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “My friends think I have a problem … SOS, I’m a Sephora addict.

  1. I have an addition to beauty products and stationary haha I have 1000’s of lipsticks and will probably buy more this year! Thank you for sharing your tips on how to stop buying unnecessary things, I’ll start noting what i need and go in and out and not browse 🙂 Great post
    I would love for you to check out my blog 🙂

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