Get Ready With Me … Date Night!

This is my first ‘get ready with me blog’ and it came about because I went out this weekend with my husband and I decided to make an effort! We work long hours and don’t often get the opportunity to get our glam and glow on. I posted on my Instagram a picture of some of the products I had selected (a few changed as I got going), and then the after shot. Let’s face it, no one needs to see the before shot!

So if anyone is interested, please see below my step by step guide to my date night look.

  1. I used the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir on my freshly washed and cleansed face. A few drops go a long way.
  2. I moisturized with my favourite L’Occitane precious moisturizer and eye cream. It’s so thick and luxurious. It hydrates my skin and leaves it plumped for a full face of makeup.
  3. Primer for this look was my Huda Beauty primer. Gorgeous smell and tacky (in a good way) enough to hold my full coverage foundation. I picked the Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation in Toasted Coconut. Again, the smell of rose is just gorgeous and the full coverage foundation is lush! The concealer of choice was Too Face, Born This Way in Fair. I set with some Mac translucent powder.

I sometimes do my foundation and concealer after I do my eye makeup. It depends on which palette I’m using and the fallout that it gives. Tonight I knew it would be ok as I was using the Huda Desert Dusk palette and I wasn’t going hard on the glitter shadows.

  • Eyes: primed with Mac Pot in Soft Ochre.
  • Eyes (Huda Desert Dusk) crease musk, deepened the crease with Oud, cut crease with Mac pot in Soft Ochre and used Blood Moon to fill in. I then softened the under eye with a mix of musk and oud and blended out.
  • Waterline: I used Too Faced black eye pencil and smudged it in for a less harsh look
  • No mascara for this look as I have extensions on at the moment. I used Too Faced, Better than Sex on my bottom lashes to fatten them up a bit. I was going to add some Iconic London lashes, but I really didn’t need them with my extensions
  • Contour: I used a mix of the Fenty Beauty Matchstix in French Vanilla and Rum. I deepened up the contour with Benefit Hoola bronzer.
  • Highlight: Becca highlighter in Champagne Pop on cheek bones and end of my nose and Cupid bow
  • Blush: Mac blush in Blushbaby
  • I then popped a little of the Mac eyeshadow in Nylon into the corners of my eyes and along the brow bone to give it a little bit of definition
  • Lips: Mac lip stick in Really Me with the Stone lip pencil. I wanted to keep the lips nude as the eyes were warm and I felt it didn’t need anymore.

I didn’t use any brow products in this look either as I am healing still from microblading touch up. If I had, it would have been the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Chocolate.

My whole look was set with the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray (amazing stuff).

That’s it! I was pleased with the outcome and my husband was very complimentary of the look. I’m training him well, he even asked me what palette I had used! Although I secretly think it’s his way of testing if I do actually use everything I say I need to buy in Sephora!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, it’s the first one I have done on a ‘look’. I’m hoping to start making some videos soon, so that should help with the visuals!

Dress: from Silk Fred.

Have a great day.

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