Halo Beauty- Hair, Skin, Nails Booster

So, they’ve arrived. I have read so much about them on social media over the last couple of months that I feel like I’m meeting a celebrity. Anyone would think that Tati Westbrook had committed a crime the way people are dragging her over daring to release a beauty supplement rather than the usual palette or highlighter! So, obviously when millions of wannabe doctors and nutritionists (keyboard warriors and haters) decide they have an opinion on something they went to pretend medical school for, I just had to try it. I prefer to trust what actual scientists have to say and I trust Tati too.

I’ve consulted with my physician (as recommended) and he didn’t really care as there isn’t anything in it that’s going to kill me! He said if they disagree with my Ulcerative Colitis, then I should stop taking them. Sensible advice. He also said that if I get pregnant off the back of taking them (as some people are worried about) then it will be a flipping miracle and he’d market them as a fertility wonder drug (my doctor is a part time comedian).

So here we are. The packaging is so cute. The pills are pink (they are also the size of a house to swallow). It says on the back, to take two daily and ‘results may improve with regular use’. Vague to say the least, but I’m still trying them.

My 30 days start tomorrow. My nails are weak, my hair is thin and limp and my skin is a bit dull. So things can only get better, right?

I shall check in with this experiment in 15 days. Stay tuned for my honest review. It won’t be instant, but good things come to those that wait.

Have a great day!

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