Huda Beauty Melted Matte & Metal Shadows

I haven’t written in so long, mainly due to having so much on at work and not finding any time for me. Well, the balance is shifting due to an amazing conversation I had this weekend. When you are feeling insecure about something, find the person who you can sound off to and gauge their feedback, it really can help.

Anyway, back to the makeup …

I finally got around to trying the new Huda Beauty Matte & Metal shadows. I purchased this a while ago, and it had just been sitting on my dresser waiting to be used. I bought the shade ‘Private Jet’ from Sephora at the cost of 116AED (approx £22).

The formula is pretty easy to work with. It goes on wet and dries down quick enough to work with as a shadow, and you can blend it out from there. With the matte, you are meant to put 3 dots on your lid and then blend it, but I just painted my entire lid with it as I wanted to layer on top of it. It worked well enough.

I then went in with the colour ‘love bite’ from the Huda New Nude palette, to deepen up the outer corner and and add some interest. Once this was completed I put the metal shade in the inner corner of the lid and worked it towards the centre, blending the purple into the metal. This worked to a point, but looked a little messy where they met. So I grabbed my trusty Stila magnificent metals in the shade Kitten Karma and popped it in the centre of the lid, blending it through to the purple and the gold.

The wear time was pretty good, although I did notice after a few hours that the gold metal shade flaked a tiny bit. I have seen this reported in other reviews, and it seems that I could have layered too much on in one go. I will have another try with less of a heavy hand.

I was happy with my finished look, which involved the following other products:

  1. NARS All Day Luminous foundation in Santa Fe
  2. Shape Tape concealer in Light
  3. L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara
  4. Jeffree Star liquid lip in Soft Serve
  5. Charlotte Tilbury contour
  6. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
  7. NARS orgasm blusher

Overall, the Huda Melted shadow worked and was pretty quick and easy to get a look with. I do think they are quite expensive for what you get, and I don’t think that I would ever use them on their own without backup from a palette.

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