ABH Sultry Palette

It’s been a while since I posted, I know. Just the usual of life and work getting in the way. However, I do have a lot of new products to review for you, and I am going to get started right now with the ABH Sultry palette.

You’d be right in thinking that it’s another bronzy palette with some brown and beige transition colours in matte. BUT it is truly beautiful, and the pay off from those shimmer/glitter colours is worth every penny. The palette is cool tone in my opinion, and there are enough colours in here to keep you playing with different combinations for a while.

The look I created below was for a ladies night I went to last night. I didn’t want to go to crazy, but I really wanted to go in on the colour teak and also pack on some of the dystopian brown to the outer corner. This is the one colour that I would suggest you spend some time with buffing and blending as it does go on a bit patchy on the first go. However, it blends out well with a bit of time. If you want a quick swipe and buff in your deep drown, then this is probably not the one for you.

The crease is the colour birch and I started off with putting fresh all over my lid as a base. My inner corner and brow bone was picked out with pearl. This is s really nice glittery beige. Very subtle, and I want to play some more with it at a later date. Finally, I smoked out my under eye with birch and dystopian, and popped a little bit of blue eye liner (morphe pencil) in my waterline.

I have to give a special mention to the shade cyborg (below), as in the palette it doesn’t really do much. However it is absolutely beautiful. It looks silver but it has a lilac undertone to it that is really unexpected. I can’t wait to play with that shade too.

Rest of my face:

  • Dior backstage foundation
  • L’Or Gold Primer
  • Tarte shapetape concealer
  • Huda Beauty baking powder in poundcake
  • Jeffree Star highlighter in King Tut
  • Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb highlight
  • ABH Bronzer
  • NARS Orgasm blush
  • Jeffree Star liquid lip in Mannequin

Would I recommend ABH Sultry? Oh my yes! It’s a lovely palette with a lot of options.

Have a great day!

Laura Lee Los Angeles – Liquid Lipstick

Sorry for the radio silence, work has been ridiculously busy. However, this does mean I have many items to review, and with a holiday fast approaching I will get to them all.

This is my first impressions of the Laura Lee new liquid lipsticks. I ordered the bundle and you get 3 in the set for currently $38 on her website. It works out at a $10 saving if you get all 3 together.

The shade names are typically Laura in style:

Nakey Nakey is a beautiful light beige that looks stunning on everyone’s lips.

Jaybird is a darker warm brown shade, it would be the perfect nude on a darker skin tone, but equally is a stunning brown on me.

Topless is the one shade I’ve seen all over social media. It is a gorgeous pink nude. Probably my favourite of the three. I have already worn this to both work and out for the evening. It is very versatile with all types of makeup style.

The lipsticks dry down very quickly and don’t feel like they are drying my lips. The work wear test was also excellent. I applied Topless at 7am in the morning and touched it up at around midday.

The smell of the lipsticks are also really subtlety perfumed and smell sweet. Like cakes. Not over powering, just a nice scent.

Overall, I am really happy with my purchase. I know I’m going to wear all 3 shades a lot. I’ve already decided they are making the cut for my travel makeup later this month.

Have a great day!

Laura Lee Los Angeles – Nudie Patootie

First impressions

The anticipation for a palette to drop had never been greater. I love Laura Lee as a YouTuber and influencer, so I was keen to see what she had come up with after the first palette, Cats Pajamas. I have Cats Pajamas, and I have to admit I really only bought that because I wanted to support Laura. I have used it, but not as much as other palettes I have in my possession from YouTubers (Jeffree Star and Kristen Leanne).

But this palette, Nudie Patootie, I really liked the look of. Irrelevant of who it was produced by, a nude palette is something I love.

I ordered it from the USA and waited for it to arrive. In the meantime I binge watched first impressions and some of the look videos floating around too. I was alarmed by the reports of some of the pans falling out, and hoped this wouldn’t be me.

It arrived on Thursday and all the pans are in tact apart from Jaybird, which is very loosely packed in the pan and cracked around the outside (see below). I’ve managed to save it though, for now. So I hope it stays put as it is a gorgeous copper foil, that I know will look awesome on the eye.

My favourites so far from just swatching and that caught my eye in the palette are topless (shimmer chrome pink) and reveal (a gorgeous matte brown). I know I will be dipping into nakey nakey and uncover very soon too, as they are screaming out to be blended into a smokey eye look.

The formula is really well constructed (apart from the loose jaybird) and the matte shades are smooth and almost silky (which I hope makes sense, as they aren’t actually silky in look). I don’t think there are any colours I won’t be dipping into with this palette. I am a neutral kinda gal, so this palette works for me on so many levels.

The packaging is pretty as well. It’s classy in appearance and the palette feels substantial in weight, which is probably the biggest difference from Laura’s first palette. It is cohesive, all coming together into an atheistically pleasing look. The big mirror is also a blessing. You know you can take this palette away for the weekend, and it has all you need to create the looks you want.

One thing I would have liked to see though is the picture that comes with the palette (of Laura) could have had instructions on how to construct it. It’s a really pretty look and I am going to try and work it out.

So, overall, first impressions of Nudie Patootie is very positive. I was really looking forward to getting this palette, and I even woke up at 4am to order it when it went live in LA on the day of launch. That’s commitment for you. I will share some looks as soon as I get the chance to play with it.

So, if you are a neutral lover and have the $45 to drop on a group of really pretty shades, I would recommend it. Yes, we all have versions of these colours in other brands, but having them grouped in this one beautifully presented palette I personally live for.

Have a great day!